Oven, microwave and dishwasher safe, Stoneware is a beautiful product that is fired to cone 5/6 and used with mid-range glazes. Stoneware glazes can be used alone or in combination for endless creative possibilities.

Wellness Programs

Creativity is a wellness practice! Pottery Painting is a great way be creative while connecting with others and unplugging from the digital world!

Purpose is bigger than goals!

The “purpose” of your business will underpin everything you do and allow you to cultivate a culture where your employees feel connected to the “purpose” and therefore perform at their best!


Work towards something, goals boost confidence! Write your goals down, then plan what you need to do to achieve them. Want to open your own business, write down your goal and start now! Side hustles can lead to a full time business!

Always have a passion project!

Keep building, keep watering, keep fertilizing – the side hustle can lead to fulfillment of dreams! Creativity revolution is upon us, it has never been a better time to open your own business!

Pottery Painting Studio’s are truly Hip Experiential Stores!

One thing is for sure; experiential retail is the future!

As consumers choose to invest in experiences rather than products, retailers need to respond to meet the needs of their customers.

Retailtainment is predicted to dominate the industry, the fusion of retail and entertainment, an effort on the part of retailers to provide customers with fun, unique experiences.

Pottery Painting is so on trend – it is interactive allowing one to create original designs all while being connected to other humans and the unexpected delight of how great their creation turns out once kiln fired ensuring a realiable experience that can be enjoyed over and over again!