How controlled do you want to be? Are you truly Entrepreneurial?

Let’s looks at the difference between operating a Franchise and an Independent Business.


  • Your Franchisor is “The Boss” not you – you must follow their rules
  • Your design of Build-out is controlled
  • Your marketing campaigns are controlled
  • Your selling price is controlled
  • Your purchasing decisions are controlled
  • Your company emails are controlled and monitored
  • Your ideas are not implemented, if ever
  • Franchise Fee – significantly adds to cost of startup – $20,000 to $30,000
  • Expensive Build-out
  • Limited inventory choice
  • You cannot sell your business without consent of Franchisor
  • You don’t keep all your profits – have to pay royalties
  • You cannot change immediately to react to market conditions


Ceramic Arts Comprehensive Training Program gets you started and gives you ON-GOING SUPPORT!

  • You are the “Boss” – Complete control of EVERYTHING
  • You are not a carbon copy, you are uniquely different
  • You can be any size and the buildout is YOUR decision
  • You make all the purchasing decisions
  • You make all the marketing decisions
  • Your ideas are immediately implemented
  • You decide where your location will be
  • You can join Independent Associations online
  • You can decide what Inventory to carry – not limited
  • You decide how to price your products
  • You can sell your business whenever you want
  • You control your lease, no Franchise Agreement to tie up your lease
  • No Franchise Fee – less start up costs – money to be used for inventory
  • You keep all your profits
  • You can react to a changing market immediately

What are people saying...

Fired Creations
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I was considering opening a pottery painting café, and came across Ceramic Arts. Within 45 minutes, I had all the information I needed through emails and even a personal phone call! Almost a year later, I am 3 months into the business and LOVING it! The training from Ceramic arts was absolutely fantastic, interactive, and informative. I had zero experience with ceramics, so I am still receiving support for questions that pop up along my journey. I can not say enough about how happy I am to work with this team - they are out of this world with customer service, knowledge, and always have great suggestions to grow your business! 5 stars doesn't justify the high rating these folks should get!
Kim Webber
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We have opened our dream business call Paint of Interest Art Cafe Inc. in Grande Prairie, Alberta. This dream become our reality when we found Ceramic Arts. From the first conversation we knew Ceramic Arts was the perfect partnership for us. We took the training course that helped answer all our questions. Even In the first few months in business, Scott and the staff at Ceramic Art helped us every step of the way. Thank you Ceramic Arts for making our dreams come true.

What are people saying...

Creativity Cottage
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The team at Pottery Painting Canada made opening our own business an easy and successful venture. We continue to ask questions and they always respond quickly and with a high degree of professionalism. We appreciate having this connection. They go above and beyond to make sure we are happy and have everything we need. Highly recommended!
Heather Davis
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We knew we wanted to open our own business within the Arts and stumbled across this training. Of course, it is natural at first to be a bit pessimistic recognizing they are product distributors as well but Scott 100% made the difference in us realizing our dream. There are no obligations attached to the training but at the same time you will want to work with them as they have amazing resources, products and knowledge. The training is worth every penny and will create a connection that is absolutely needed to be successful. Thanks to everyone at Ceramic Arts for all your support, guidance and outstanding customer service. A rare find in the service industry these days.