Oh that wonderful smell of coffee! Adding a cafe to your studio offers a different kind of experience for your customer and gives your studio that “Hand Crafted Vibe” that pairs so well with Pottery Painting – allowing people to “Unplug, Create and Socialize” with an amazing cup of “Hand Roasted Coffee”.

Is there a difference in getting a “Hand Crafted Coffee Roaster” – featuring coffees that are Direct Trade, locally produced, roasted in small batches?

The answer is Yes! This is a big deal when you’re talking about freshness and sustainability. We have partnered with Smile Tiger Coffee Roasters!

Quality Roaster

No mass-scale production, Smile Tiger coffees are roasted in small batches right here in Ontario and Smile Tiger doesn’t just pick up the phone to place an order for their beans, they make regular visits to their suppliers and work closely with their roaster to get the sweetest profiles possible from the beans.

Smells that Encourage Your Customer to Relax and be Creative

You walk in the door and that coffee house smell invites you to “stay for a while” – paint some pottery and have a coffee, latte, espresso -” this is your time to relax and create”.

Seasonal Blends

Seasonal blends are the perfect opportunity to add a layer of festivity to your studio by enhancing your environment with the smell of the season.

Retail Opportunity

Smile Tiger also offers 12 oz bags of several of their blends for home use – a great “retail sale” that blends perfectly with Pottery Painting.


Cafe training is part of our Pottery Painting training, so don’t worry, you will be creating the perfect cup that everyone will be talking about!

What are people saying...

Art Haven
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Scott is very resourceful and experienced with ceramic painting business. After you finished the 2 days training, it does not mean it stopped there. They will continue to help you, if you have any questions. It doesn't amtter if it's questions about how to run a business or technique helps with pottery, they always get back to you with answers on a timely manner.
Gabriela Bannister
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It was an amazing experience of learning about pottery and business! Thank you!

What are people saying...

Creativity Cottage
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The team at Pottery Painting Canada made opening our own business an easy and successful venture. We continue to ask questions and they always respond quickly and with a high degree of professionalism. We appreciate having this connection. They go above and beyond to make sure we are happy and have everything we need. Highly recommended!
Heather Davis
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We knew we wanted to open our own business within the Arts and stumbled across this training. Of course, it is natural at first to be a bit pessimistic recognizing they are product distributors as well but Scott 100% made the difference in us realizing our dream. There are no obligations attached to the training but at the same time you will want to work with them as they have amazing resources, products and knowledge. The training is worth every penny and will create a connection that is absolutely needed to be successful. Thanks to everyone at Ceramic Arts for all your support, guidance and outstanding customer service. A rare find in the service industry these days.