Home Based Business

Are you looking for a home based business?  We offer a comprehensive work-at-home business opportunity in the fired arts industry, working with ceramic bisque, clay and glass.

We will assist you by customizing your vision.

Popular concepts are:  Virtual Teaching, Pottery-to-go, In Home studio, Grass Roots mold pouring and Finished Ware production.

Welcome to Pottery at Home

Welcome to the fascinating world of Pottery at Home!  We are delighted we have connected with you.  We look forward to sharing our unique Pottery at Home Business programs in the low-fire and high-fire ceramic and clay world.  We continually re-develop our packages to include current and future insights and trends.  

Pottery at Home can take many different forms depending on your thoughts and vision for your business. It could be a work area for an individual to create, a gathering place for groups to informally share their ideas and learn from each other or even a space for virtual teaching. From beginning to finished product, e-commerce sales or any combination in between, Ceramic Arts is here to help you meet your needs and goals.

The choice is yours! It’s exciting, rewarding, and definitely a fun and challenging business opportunity.  This is also a great “side hustle” business!

As you know, working from home offers flexible hours which allow more time to be with family and friends, all while doing, sharing, and learning with something you love.

Our packages are designed to work with your plan including low-fire, high-fire or both.  It includes everything you need to get your home-based studio started.  We will work with you to meet all your business desires and plans.

We totally delight in helping you, we will make suggestions and help you every step of the way to opening YOUR Business, YOUR Vision YOUR Happiness.  

Popular home-based business include but not limited to: (and can be in combination!)

  • Artistic-share your artistic design talent through virtual classes – teach and sell online or in your home.  Purchase from huge selection of trendy, traditional and seasonal bisque shapes
    Kilns and equipment, Potter Wheels, Slab Roller, Colour, Brushes, Accessories
  • DIY-grass roots, casting molds, throwing on a pottery wheel, selling finished or unfinished products with glaze, brushes, techniques.  Purchase molds, slip, equipment, potters wheels, Clay,  Slab roller, colour, kiln and equipment and supplies. 

Both business models can be adapted to both low-fire or high-fire ceramics! 

Turn your own vision into a reality.

Pottery At Home FAQ

Where do I purchase my supplies of Ceramic Products?
All products are available at Paint your own pottery studios and Ceramic studios located throughout Canada.  You can look on line to find molds, greenware, bisque and colour at ceramicarts.com.  Please be sure to use the order number when ordering. 
Greenware and Bisque?
As you begin your journey into the fascinating world of ceramics, you will be hearing the terminology of “greenware” and “bisque”.  These are the names used for the  pieces and objects you will be decorating and/or selling.  Greenware and Bisque are produced from Molds.  There are unlimited mold designs  that can be poured to produce greenware.  Greenware is then cleaned and fired in a kiln producing ” bisque”. 
DIY Bisque or Buy Bisque?
You have the option of purchasing your own molds as grassroots DIY.   If you do not wish to purchase and pour molds, there is an unlimited supply of “Bisque” designs just waiting for you to decorate.  The choice of molds and bisque available is only limited by your imagination.
What is Slip? 
Slip is clay in suspension with water and chemicals that is used to pour into molds to form ceramic pieces.  Most ceramic items are cast with earthenware slip. 
What is a Kiln and What Type can be used at home?  
A whole world of delight and fascination opens up to you when you purchase your own kiln.  Be sure to check out the size you need as there are many sizes available.  Kilns are as easy to use as your microwave.  Instructions and online learning is also available.

What are people saying...

DIY Studio Moncton
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They are amazing!! Scott is so helpful when you have questions, and actually calls back the second he is available. They answered all my initial questions in detail and helped me get my business up and running. I literally couldn't have achieved this successful venture without them 🙂
Art Soul Life Creative Studio
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Scott was fantastic from the very beginning of our endeavour. In fact our first phone call with him was on a weekend and he answered every single one of our questions about opening our own studio. The training he provided was one on one and will definitely be the foundation of growing our business.

What are people saying...

Creativity Cottage
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The team at Pottery Painting Canada made opening our own business an easy and successful venture. We continue to ask questions and they always respond quickly and with a high degree of professionalism. We appreciate having this connection. They go above and beyond to make sure we are happy and have everything we need. Highly recommended!
Heather Davis
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We knew we wanted to open our own business within the Arts and stumbled across this training. Of course, it is natural at first to be a bit pessimistic recognizing they are product distributors as well but Scott 100% made the difference in us realizing our dream. There are no obligations attached to the training but at the same time you will want to work with them as they have amazing resources, products and knowledge. The training is worth every penny and will create a connection that is absolutely needed to be successful. Thanks to everyone at Ceramic Arts for all your support, guidance and outstanding customer service. A rare find in the service industry these days.