Family Entertainment Center Kits are great for Smaller Spaces! This kit offers all of the important basics you’ll need to take customers through the process of pottery painting from selecting the pottery shapes (called bisqueware) to painting to firing their completed piece in your new kiln!

This comprehensive kit includes the kiln equipment you’ll need, brush sets, aprons, coloured and clear glazes, and an assortment of pottery to paint! You’ll also get items to help your customers create some fantastic pieces like the Groovy Ideas for Hands and Feet books, which are designed to help parents who want to use the shape of their children’s hands and feet for artistic projects! You’ll also receive silkscreens and stamps to add another level of customization and creativity to your customers’ pottery painting experience!

The Family Entertainment Center Kit for Smaller Spaces is great for adding to your existing Family Entertainment Center, new business start-ups, youth activities, church events, and more!

We will assist you in customizing this kit to fit perfectly into your plans for adding pottery painting into an existing location or starting up a new pottery painting business. When you are ready to order, or if you have any questions, give us a call and we will help you every step of the way.

Call us toll-free at 1 (800) 265-3232 or email

Below is a list of products that come with the kit:

For Studio space approximately 500-1000 square feet $10-12K

Kiln Equipment

1 Skutt KilnMaster Kiln, 240v, Single Phase
1 Skutt EnviroLink
1 Skutt’s Envirovent
1 Kiln Furniture Kit
1 Kiln Stilt Package
2 06 Witness Cones

Brush Package

1 Soft Grip Assortment (adult)
1 Royal Brush Pack w/12 Aprons (kids)
12 Sili Coil Brush Cleaning Tanks
12 Fan Glaze Brush

$1,000 Glaze Package

Duncan, Mayco, or Colorobbia Color Glazes
Specialty Color Glazes like Speckles, Metallics, and more
Clear Brushing or Dipping Glazes

Creative Package

1 Groovy Ideas for Hands & Feet Book I
1 Groovy Ideas for Hands & Feet Book II
1 Groovy Ideas for Hands & Feet Book II
10 Top Selling Silkscreens (Top 10)
10 of your choice of Top Selling Rubber Stamps (Top 10)
2 Plastic Palette Trays (sold in 12 packs)
2 Hydra Sponges (sold in 12 packs)
2 Black Underglaze Pencil
Carbon Paper (tracing paper) (Mayco’s AC-230, Pack of 5)
4 Detail Writer Bottles and Caps (5 per pack)
2 Writer Tips Medium (18 Gauge) (10 per pack)

$3,000 Bisque Package

Animal Figurines
Kids Products
Pet Products
And More!

What are people saying...

DIY Studio Moncton
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They are amazing!! Scott is so helpful when you have questions, and actually calls back the second he is available. They answered all my initial questions in detail and helped me get my business up and running. I literally couldn't have achieved this successful venture without them 🙂
Art Soul Life Creative Studio
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Scott was fantastic from the very beginning of our endeavour. In fact our first phone call with him was on a weekend and he answered every single one of our questions about opening our own studio. The training he provided was one on one and will definitely be the foundation of growing our business.

What are people saying...

Creativity Cottage
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The team at Pottery Painting Canada made opening our own business an easy and successful venture. We continue to ask questions and they always respond quickly and with a high degree of professionalism. We appreciate having this connection. They go above and beyond to make sure we are happy and have everything we need. Highly recommended!
Heather Davis
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We knew we wanted to open our own business within the Arts and stumbled across this training. Of course, it is natural at first to be a bit pessimistic recognizing they are product distributors as well but Scott 100% made the difference in us realizing our dream. There are no obligations attached to the training but at the same time you will want to work with them as they have amazing resources, products and knowledge. The training is worth every penny and will create a connection that is absolutely needed to be successful. Thanks to everyone at Ceramic Arts for all your support, guidance and outstanding customer service. A rare find in the service industry these days.