Open Your Dream Business!

It is never too late to follow your passions and start your own business!
With our Pottery Painting Concept, you can customize your business concept to operate from a Store Front Studio or Home Based Business offering in-store and to-go experiences. Other opportunities include clay and wheels, retail and eCommerce sales. For a more grass-roots business, we offer slip and molds. Creativity promotes health and wellness and allows everyone to unplug from technology!

Prime locations available across Canada!

Virtual Training Available!

 We offer everything you need to operate a fun, creative business!  


Why Independent?

One word - CONTROL! However, there are many other reasons why you would choose to be an independent business.

Considering a Franchise?

Are you still considering buying a franchise? We have a check list of things to consider before taking that step.

What About Training?

Comprehensive hands-on training or Virtual training program that will give you all of the tools you need to succeed


Experience matters, and we have it!

We have been in business for 50 years and LOVE our customers! We thrive on helping independent entrepreneurs open their own business and grow for years to come! We have a proven track record of successful independent stores in Canada!